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Start the New Year Right!

New Year diet tips can be very helpful. As the new year approaches, we all start to think about our New Year’s resolutions.  This can range from weight loss, going to a new gym, being more patient, and lowering stress, to stopping drinking, along with other goals.  A great question is how do you track your successes, and do you need to be that precise in your resolution, or are you flexible on the outcome?  It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong way in achieving your goals.

How many of us have joined a gym as our resolution to only donate to the gym’s revenue without stepping foot in them after the first few weeks?  I’m sure most of us have been in that category, so what are some ways to help you to achieve your goals for the new year?

Some helpful New Year diet tips include:

  1.  If we are talking about the gym, find a reliable friend that will go with you to the gym.
  2. Set up a designated day to reach the halfway point of your goal.  After that date re-evaluate your goal and pace and re-adjust if needed
  3. Do self-affirmation sticky notes or schedule self-affirmation messages on your phone calendar that will pop up on that date
  4. Appreciate your accomplishments and yourself.  Remember you are incredible and everything you are doing should be acknowledged by yourself
  5. Eat real food- even if it must be a quick meal.  Processed foods contain health risks but also can be the contributing factor to weight gain/not moving the scale.  Try simple meals like seasoned chicken breast, broccoli, and a side salad.  You will enjoy the meal more
  6. Give yourself permission to eat something not on your plan.  Do not beat yourself up because you ate something “you shouldn’t have”.  Just get back on track after it.  It’s just one item, the day is not blown because of it.
  7. Healthy competition is not a bad thing.  Join a group that is available near you and where you have common goals
  8. Eat when you are hungry; stop when you are full.  Just because it’s on the plate doesn’t mean you must finish the plate
  9. Practice mindful eating- be present at your meal- put away social media.  It will be there when you are finished eating

Other helpful advice:

  1. Build exercise into your daily routine.  It doesn’t need to be the gym.  Maybe the most you could accomplish due to your work schedule is a 15-minute walk.  That’s ok.  It’s more than you did the year before and you are achieving reachable goals.  Later in the year, you may be able to chisel more time out for 30 minutes.  
  2. Address your own emotions- evaluate your habits and their causes.  Do you get stressed or upset and go to the comfort foods like ice cream or chips?  How did you feel after eating it?  Did the cause go away?  These are things to evaluate and try to combat
  3. A novel idea is to start something that keeps your hands busy. Try filling the time with a new hobby that takes your mind off things.  Plus, other benefits include combating depression, distraction, and relieving stress
  4. Make choices for yourself, and evaluate what you want without the influence of others.  Take care of your body and mind.
  5. Drink more water.  It improves your overall system, but don’t forget that if you workout you need to drink more water.
  6. Volunteer for your community by doing community service projects like planting flowers and cleaning up the roads.  Plus, a great benefit for you getting extra Vitamin D and exercise you hadn’t planned on

In conclusion for helpful New Years Diet tips

With a new year can come a new you by thinking about how you plan on creating and achieving that goal. Using our New Year diet tips can help. Don’t forget to write down your goal and plan for the year.  Being precise and sometimes a little flexible will not only help you get there but also have other rewarding results.  Including the confidence to know anything is achievable and maybe even gather new appreciation for how incredible you are.  If weight loss is part of your New Year’s resolutions, remember to set realistic weight loss goals and carve out the time to focus on your resolution.  You will not only lose weight, but also improve your diet, feel better, and get into better physical shape.  We wish you a happy New Year and look forward to you achieving your successful weight loss.