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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain is a very common problem. It’s time to celebrate with family, friends, and your accomplishments for the year. But, what about derailing your progress in weight loss and maintaining your weight?  Everyone has seen the advertisements for the “low carb”, “low sugar” and “low calorie” alcohol option.  But is it just about the carb, sugar, and calorie?  Let’s investigate that and how alcohol affects your weight loss.

  • Alcohol is going to be used as your primary source of fuel.  The body will stop burning any other types of fuel such as stored fat or newly consumed foods.  Causing the excess glucose and lipids to be stored as adipose tissue “fat”.  The liver’s primary role is to filter any foreign substances such as alcohol.  The body stops burning fat for 7- hours after ingesting alcohol
  • Alcohol regardless of choice is an empty calorie and adding a mixer, juice, or soda adds to those calories
  • Alcohol can affect your organs.  However, it also plays a significant role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.  
  • It contributes to excess belly fat
  • It is also known the affect judgment calls, especially with food choices.
  • Alcohol also lowers testosterone (in men and women), which plays a significant role in the metabolic process of “muscle building” and fat-burning capabilities
  • Contrary to many thoughts alcohol affects your sleep.  What we all think of as restful sleep.  A person can “go to sleep” however, research shows that it leads to an increased period of wakefulness- which affects the hormones in your body that contribute to hunger and satiety
  • Lastly, alcohol will affect how you digest food and how nutrients are absorbed

In conclusion

Holiday weight gain can be due to many factors. Alcohol isn’t the only cause of weight gain and prohibiting an individual from losing weight.  But there are ways of making improvements that will assist you in hitting your goal without causing you to not be able to enjoy the season while socializing.