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Illustrator of why your new years resolution will fail

From Halloween through the New Year, Americans follow a predictable but severely unhealthy pattern of indulging and gorging ourselves on deliciously delectable artery-clogging delights. the kinds that make your belly bulge and you breathe heavy when you climb a flight of stairs.

And, on January 1st, most resolve to lose weight. A worthy resolution that most of us forget within a few weeks hardly shedding what we gained during the holidays let alone the extra baggage we carry around the rest of the year.

80% of all dieters fail to lose weight a one-third even gain additional weight. Why would you fail as well?

Dieting can lead to short-term success but most diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss success because most of us fail to change our overall lifestyle habits. We hunker down and for a few days, weeks or months, eat a healthy, strict regimen but after we’ve had some success we fall prey to our old habits once again.

Don’t be part of the 80% who fail to achieve their weight loss goals. Achieve your weight loss goals starting today!

Change your lifestyle.

If you continue doing the things you have always done then you’ll continue to get the same results. Make the changes that you can live with for a lifetime and don’t try to make a bunch of drastic changes at one time. Take it in strides if that works better for you. For instance, limit yourself to soda once a day for a week or two, then scale back again to every other day for a week or two before trying to stop altogether.

Women with weight calculator and apple

Resolve to succeed this year by setting attainable goals that you can easily achieve. Take it in strides. Don’t try to jump all in if you know you won’t have success. If you must, take it in baby steps. In addition to losing weight, making minor changes regularly will help you achieve long-term success because you will slowly be changing your old, bad habits into good ones instead of taking on too much at one time.

If you fail to change your lifestyle and bad eating habits then ultimately your resolution to lose weight will fail as well.

And if you need additional help on the right type of diet program to help you successfully lose weight, schedule your free consultation with Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Center today!