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Healthy snack ideas

Because of calorie-laden, nutrition-void snack foods, snacking has gotten a bad rep. Recently though a lot of healthy diet programs are advocating the 5 or 6 meals per day diet plan. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply maintain the weight you’re at, adding a couple of healthy snack foods in between your meals is a great way to satisfy cravings, hold off hunger, prevent binging on unhealthy foods like candy and chips and overeating at regular meals as well as boost your energy levels throughout the day.

Chef making food

Whether you’re on the Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss diet plan or not, these are fabulous healthy snack ideas that will not only keep you satisfied but boost your energy levels.

  • Celery with Laughing Cow cheese
  • Apple slices dipped in Walden Farms Caramel sauce with a low-fat cheese stick
  • 6 strawberries mixed in Fage yogurt drizzled with Walden Farm chocolate sauce
  • Fage yogurt with blueberries, strawberries or raspberries or make into a parfait
  • Dry roasted edamame
  • Steamed edamame dipped in low sodium soy sauce
  • Low fat cottage cheese with tomatoes
  • Cut up veggies dipped in homemade ranch dressing (1 container Fage yogurt and a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing seasoning pack)
  • Low-fat mozzarella cheese stick wrapped in 2 slices low fat turkey breast
  • 1/2 apple, 6 grapes, and low-fat cheddar cheese slices
  • Fage yogurt blended with frozen fruit for a smoothie
  • Low fat cottage cheese with Splenda and cinnamon

Try to eat protein every three hours and when having fruit, it’s preferable to have it in conjunction with a good source of protein. All bedtime snacks should be protein.

Your best healthy snack options are always a complex carbohydrate paired with a good source of protein. Together they’ll keep you full and energized.