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protein essential nutrient

Which Nutrient Are the Basis for All Life and an Essential Weight-Loss Nutrient?

According to Zone diet doctor Dr. Barry Sears, protein.

Proteins, the main structural ingredients of our cells and the enzymes that keep them running, are built of amino acids which are the foundation of all life. As much as one-half of your dry body weight – including most of your muscle mass, skin, hair, eyes, and nails – is made up of protein states Dr. Sears in entering the Zone. While all of the proteins your body needs can be constructed from 20 amino acids, your body can’t make all of them on its own which is why protein is such an essential part of your diet.

Why is protein so important not just for a healthy everyday diet but also for any weight loss program?

Here Are a Few Health Benefits of Protein:
  • Protein repairs body cells
  • Protein builds and repairs muscles and bones
  • Protein provides a source of energy
  • Protein controls many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism

But not all protein sources are created equal. Proteins that contain more of the essential amino acids (those not naturally produced by your body) are referred to complete proteins and are your best protein sources. So what are some of the best protein choices?

Best Protein Choices:
  • eggs
  • fish
  • poultry
  • red meat
  • whey protein

Sometimes when you’re on the go, finding a high-quality source of protein can be difficult. We have a solution – Calla Slimspa’s Protein Plus (whey protein powder with L-carnitine).

When you’re constantly on the go between work, the gym, activities and family and friends, you don’t always have time to prepare meals but you can get your protein needs to be fulfilled with protein shakes. Protein shakes are not only quick and convenient; they are also an incredibly healthy alternative to fast food. Whey protein is ideal for everyone, not just professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Protein Plus contains over 90% protein and has little to no fat, lactose and cholesterol. The beneficial proteins in Protein Plus help decrease protein deficiencies commonly seen after bariatric surgery, support weight management and maintain lean body mass. L-Carnitine (the “plus”) is critical to supply energy to the heart and skeletal muscles and promotes healthy fat metabolism.

One scoop of Protein Plus provides approximately 15 grams of whey protein plus 400 mg of L-carnitine.

Protein Plus is especially suitable as part of a weight management program or after weight loss surgery as it provides a highly effective means of meeting protein requirements and possesses several actions useful in helping to control body weight. It is also an excellent protein choice for individuals of all ages who wish to support protein status and maintain lean body mass as the fast rate of absorption and branched-chain amino acid content helps signal new protein synthesis and increase muscle size. And the best part, it’s the perfect protein source for people “on-the-go.”