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Young girl smiling with lots of fruits
Every day lots of different things and people influence our everyday eating habits. So who has the most impact on yours?

Previously, we took a look at how eating in front of the television and computer impacts how much you eat. But what about the people you eat with and around?

Watch TV while you eat – you’ll most likely eat more.
Use a small plate while you eat, you’ll probably eat less.

New studies are now looking at how we eat with and around impacts how much and how healthy we eat. According to multiple studies, our spouses actually have the biggest impact on how unhealthy we eat and how much we eat.

And whether you like it or not, you’re very likely to follow in your spouse’s footsteps when it comes to your food choices. The University of California-Berkley researchers studied more than 3,400 individuals over a 10-year period to see which of their peer’s eating habits they were most likely to mimic – a spouse’s, friend’s, brother’s, or sisters. Results showed that a person’s spouse was most likely to influence his or her food choices, particularly where alcohol and snacks were concerned. So, if you want your spouse to eat healthier, it’s advisable that you do the same. ( Muscle & Fitness Hers, January 2012)

If your New Year’s Resolution included losing weight or eating healthy, you might want to make sure your spouse’s goals align with your own. And if you are looking for some great guidance on how to lose weight and adopt an overall healthier lifestyle give us a call at Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Center in Orlando.

Do you mimic your spouse’s eating habits?