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Holiday weight loss survival guide
Did you know to gain 5 pounds by January all you have to do is indulge in an extra 200 calories more than you need per day?

And 200 calories isn’t much – only takes about 4 Oreos a day.

The holidays encourage us to indulge in high-fat, high-calorie foods that are low in nutrition and perfect at making you loosen your belt another notch or two.

Tip one for avoiding holiday weight gain: skip the sugar roller coaster.

Binging on sugar-laden treats like cookies and candies only makes you crave more sugar and more inclined to ditch your healthy diet even more. It also slows your body down.

Out of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is considered to be one of the most harmful. Today the average person consumes his weight in sugar plus over 20 pounds of corn syrup. And during the holidays this amount can easily spike even higher. Unfortunately, our vital organs weren’t meant to consume this much sugar.

Eating sugar forces your body to borrow vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the incomplete food, and it inhibits blood flow into the capillaries supplying our organs and teeth with vital nutrients. Sugar also leads to diabetes and weight gain.

The American Heart Association recommends eating no more than 5% of your total calories from sugar.

This holiday avoids weight gain by avoiding excess sugar. Pass on the holiday treats. Opt for healthier options like fruits and veggies when you feel like munching at holiday events.

And if you need extra help this holiday season on making healthy choices and losing weight, contact Calla Slimspa today!

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