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Illustrator Holiday Weight Loss Survival Guide

Americans gain half of our annual weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. For some, it may only be a pound or two. For others, it can be upwards of ten pounds.

We understand that holiday food groups primarily consist of eggnog, cookies, alcohol and carb-packed side dishes. Take control of your holiday eating.

You don’t have to pack on the pounds this holiday season. In fact, if you plan accordingly, you could even lose weight over the holidays.

Know your schedule and plan healthy meals. If you have a long day on the road, pack a cooler to take with you. Prepare early if you know you’ll be running around a lot. Spend time on Sunday prepping meals and snacks for the week. Take the time to carefully prepare and plan your weekly meals so you can make healthy decisions even when you’re on the go.

We have some great recipes you can utilize during the holiday season. These are some of our favorite healthy recipes: