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Halloween candy and weight gain go hand in hand. It’s that time of year again when all the kids in the neighborhood and in your home get all dressed up for a little Trick O’ Treat fun.   But for many people this time of year is the most dangerous because foods and treats that are not normally in the home are now readily available just an arm length away.   So how can you avoid treating yourself to those unexpected calories and fats.

  • If you are giving out candy buy candy, you don’t like but don’t buy the candy no one eats, or you will be stuck with it in the house
  • Buy candy a day or two before the scheduled Trick- O- Treat scheduled event
  • Give something out instead of candy
  • Avoid “saving” your kids from their candy.
  • Eat before you go to a party such as lean proteins and vegetables and don’t forget to have salad watching your salad dressing
  • Have water or another zero-calorie beverage if you are at a party.  Or bring flavored seltzer water with you 
  • Sugar free gum is helpful and satisfies the chewing need which will distract from temptation
  • If it’s time to have a snack at a party use a napkin to hold it in instead of a plate making you less likely to fill the plate
  • Bring a fresh fruit bowl to the party
  • Make it a contest with a friend to see who can lose weight or maintain weight on Halloween
  • Don’t skip your scheduled meals-keeping your schedule will help you in maintaining your goals
  • Halloween isn’t the time to indulge you have a goal
  • Prep, Prep, and Prep having your meals planed and ready are helpful in preventing you from eating off plan. 

One of the important things to remember is the following. If you have that one piece of candy or treat  forgive yourself and restart right after it.  There is nothing that isn’t fixable.   Our patients will also keep Rescue Tabs available just in case they have something that’s not on the plan.