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Do probiotics help with weight loss? The benefits of probiotics have continued to grow over the years. Most people know it helps
the gastrointestinal system but what else could it improve? There are hundreds of microorganisms in your
digestive system and most of these are produce several nutrients like vitamin K and B vitamins. They
also break down fiber. The good bacteria that live in the gut are Bacteroidetes and firmicutes. Research
has shown that weight is related to both. Some studies have found that people who are obese had more
firmicutes and fewer Bacteroidetes. This difference seems to ease energy extraction from the
food you eat and increases energy storage in the host adipose tissue. Leading to high storage of
fats in adipose tissue and a drop in hormones like glucagon-like peptide ! (GLP-1) and
peptide YY (PYY), creating an increase in hunger. People with obesity tend to have less diverse gut
bacteria than lean people and gain more weight.

How do Probiotics Help?

Probiotics have been found to influence hunger and some probiotics may assist in the
absorption of dietary fat. These bacteria are from the Lactobacillus family. Probiotics may also work to fight
obesity by releasing appetite-regulating hormones, helps fat regulating proteins, and may reduce
total body inflammation. One study showed that women taking probiotics lost 50% more weight
compared to ones taking a placebo. One strain called Lactobacilllus gasseri was found to have anti-
obesity effects. A 12-week study found that there was a reduce in body weight, fat around organs, belly
fat, BMI, waist size, and hip size. Probiotics have been found to help with the recovery of the
stomach cells reducing permeability on the gut and reduces general swelling that leads to increase
inulin sensitivity in the brain.With an increase in leptin in the adipose tissue, glucagon-like
peptide 1 (GLP-1) and pancreatic polypeptide (PPY) all leads increase satiety.

In Conclusion

Do probiotics work? Yes and they have a wide range of benefits that not only assist in weight loss. Probiotics also
improves your stomach health, lowers heart risk, reduces inflammation and even fights
sadness and anxiety. Always check with your medical doctor for any possible reason to not take them
when adding probiotics and confirm how to take the medication. Such as with antibiotics you should
take probiotics at least 2 hours before of after taking your antibiotic.