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common reasons behind overeating
The number of calories consumed is the leading factor in weight loss and weight gain. If you eat fewer calories than your body burns, you will lose weight, and if you eat more than your body needs, you will gain it. But what causes people to feel the urge to consume fuel their bodies can’t burn? If you are starting a weight loss plan in Orlando, understanding the reasons behind overeating will help you build a strategy for shutting down this behavior. Here are some of the common culprits that cause people to overeat when trying to lose weight.

Using Food as a Reward

Food is frequently part of celebrations and gatherings, and so it is natural to treat it as something to be used as a personal reward. However, if you use food to congratulate yourself after a hard day or reward yourself for meeting a specific goal, then you could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Food can be part of the good times of your life, but try keeping it in check by finding other ways to relax or celebrate. Talking a walk, seeing a movie, or buying something new could all be good substitutes for those extra calories.

Being Too Restrictive

Most diet plans cut out calorie-rich foods that are low in nutrients in favor of lower-calorie, nutrient-rich choices that will help you feel satisfied with less food. However, completely removing your favorite foods from your diet will set you up to fail. People often end up binging when they are too restrictive in their diets. Leaving room in your eating plan for occasional treats will help you stay on track since you won’t feel pressured to keep any foods off-limits.

Not Getting Enough Rest

Fatigue is a significant trigger for overeating. When you don’t get enough rest, the hormones that control your appetite become unbalanced, which can cause overwhelming hunger. You may also mistake feelings of exhaustion for hunger—not to mention the impact fatigue can have on your willpower! Sticking to a regular sleep schedule can boost any diet program.