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Weight loss words for success

Resisting temptation when you’re on a diet program is hard enough. Let alone coupling that with events, office smorgasbords and peer-pressuring friends who turn the temptation up a few degrees.

Just choosing your words carefully can make a difference between staying on-track and falling off the weight-loss wagon.

Instead of Saying “I Can’t Eat That” Opt to Say “I Don’t Eat That.”

According to a study by the Journal of Consumer Research, 80% of women stuck with their diet simply by changing their vocabulary to “don’t” instead of “can’t.” Only 10% were successful at sticking to their diet when using “can’t.”


Because “can’t” signals deprivation. Being deprived makes you more likely to cave whereas “don’t” signals determination and empowerment. Ultimately, this makes your refusal more effective says study author Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D., of the University of Houston.

Reframe the Way You Think About Your Food Selections.

Not only does “can’t” signal deprivation, but it also tricks you into thinking that refraining from indulging in that food is temporary whereas using “don’t” empowers you to start thinking of your new healthy eating habits as a permanent lifestyle instead of a temporary means to an end.