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Weight Loss Program Near Orlando

When you join a weight loss program near Orlando, you’ll experience numerous health benefits as you begin losing weight. Weight gain can increase your risk of health conditions, particularly excess weight around your midsection. Here is a look at some of the risks of excess belly fat.

Increases Risk of Dangerous Diseases

Many scientific research studies have proven that excess fat around the midsection increases one’s risk of life-threatening diseases. Belly fat can significantly increase your risk of developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. You’re also at a higher risk of suffering from a stroke. Weight loss through a healthy exercise and diet plan will reduce your risk of developing dangerous diseases. Lifelong weight management will further cut your risks.

Places Added Stress on Back

Weak muscles in your midsection cause the majority of back pain and back problems. Excess abdominal weight puts additional stress on your back muscles, and can eventually destabilize the spine. When you have poor muscle tone and excess belly fat, the muscles in your butt and legs will have to compensate for the strength that your abdominal muscles should be providing. Over time, you’ll develop back pain, back strain, and even more serious back problems. Luckily, strengthening your abdominal muscles through regular exercise and joining a weight loss program will eliminate this excess fat and take the pressure off of your muscles, bones, and joints.

Causes Serious Joint Pain

Your body relies on your abdominal muscles for support during the majority of physical activities that you do throughout the day. Whether you’re walking, sitting, standing, playing sports, or working, your abdominal muscles act to stabilize the body during start and stop movements. When your abdominal muscles are weak, your joints will absorb all of the force from this physical activity. After a while, you’ll begin to experience joint pain, particularly in your knees, hips, and back. As you lose weight, less stress will be placed on your joints, and your abdominal muscles will become stronger and more reliable.