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Can I lose weight only in certain areas?

It would be wonderful if we could get our body fat to do what we want and just focus on the areas where we have a little too much body fat.  But unfortunately, there is no way to direct your weight loss to just happen in one area.  Many patients state, “I want to get rid of my stomach”.  The truth is there is no way to guarantee that target area weight loss will not occur in all the other areas of your body.  However, there are ways to help maintain your shapely body while you are losing weight.

Losing the fat in your breast is a common problem.  Leaving loose skin behind is a common problem for women when they lose weight along with potential stretch marks depending on the present size.  This occurs because breast is made up of primarily fatty tissue.  Traditionally the first place for fat to come off is the last place it stored because it’s easier to break down.  For women the breast is the last place to absorb the fat making it the easier location to break down existing fat.  Avoiding crash diets that can cause extreme weight loss can prevent sagging.  Remember losing to much weight too fast prevents your skin from keeping up with the loss.  Losing more than 2 lbs a week from not eating the right diet or not enough protein to lose fat can actually lose muscle tone.

How to prevent muscle loss

Ways to prevent this:

  • Follow a healthy diet
    • Healthy fats
    • Lean protein
    • Complex carbs (fruits and vegetables)
  • Exercise with your body weight and upper chest work to build the muscle beneath 
    • Dumbbells can help lift breast
    • Push-ups
  • Drink water
  • Collagen supplements without added sugars
    • The body stops producing collagen after 40’s

Unfortunately, target area weight loss is tough to acheive.  It will take time for skin to tighten up again.