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Fat girl eating lot of food in front of the tv
Do you spend your meal times in front of a computer screen or television screen?
Do you habitually find yourself eating more than you should?
Try taking a screen break.

British researchers discovered that when sitting in front of a computer, people ate more cookies than when they ate elsewhere. Watching television or working or playing on a computer while eating distracts you from eating and the signals your body sends you letting you know you are full. So instead of stopping at a small handful of cookies, you may be prone to eating half the bag due to the distracting nature of the TV and/or computer.

Take a break from the screen while eating. At lunch, grab a co-worker and enjoy lunch outside with good company instead of within the confines of your cubicle staring at your computer screen. Eat dinner as a family sans the TV. Not only will these choices help your waistline but you’ll feel better too with the extra socializing. Not to mention, your waistline will thank you.

And don’t just do it to help yourself. Help your kids as well. Overweight kids eat about 50% of their meals in front of the TV compared to 35% for normal-weight children. Plus, kids who eat with their families tend to eat healthier overall.

Next time you’re eating, turn off the TV and shut off your computer. Enjoy your meal and spend some time with the people around you instead of your favorite celebrities on the television.

Partial content from: Fitness RX magazine.