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Many of you may be taking one last trip or vacation before the end of summer! From fast food to room service, travelers face a lot of unhealthy temptations on the road. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to abandon your diet when you’re traveling. Learn how to make healthier choices with these easy tips.

  1. Pack Your Own In-Flight Snacks- Unless you are in first class, you aren’t getting anything to eat or drink without shelling out some moola. Not only that, but the snack boxes aren’t exactly healthy (though we love pretzels and peanuts as much as the next person). Instead, stash a few healthy snacks like grapes, protein twists or protein powder drinks in your carry-on.
  2. Eat Breakfast- In the hotel or wherever you stay, try to make time for breakfast every day. You’ll be less inclined to hit the muffin cart or overeat at lunch if you’ve started your day out with a healthy meal. If you are dining at the hotel, try to eat fruit and eggs. Carb-laden breakfast treats, while tasty, aren’t your friend.
  3. Do Your Own Cooking- If you are in an extended stay hotel, you’ll most likely have a small cooktop and microwave. Avoid eating out. Instead hit the local grocery store for getting what you need to make a “Calla” meal, even make your portions a little bigger since you are on vacation!
  4. Drive-Through with Caution- It’s hard to avoid the drive-thru on the road, but you can find healthy options amid the burgers and fried nuggets. Look for words like “grilled” and order all sandwiches without mayo, cheese or special sauces. Eliminating a bun would be ideal but if you must be on vacation from your diet, try ordering a whole wheat bun! Order salads with vinaigrette dressings on the side, and avoid fatty toppings like cheese, croutons and those tasty fried noodles.
  5. Order Wisely- If you can choose where to eat, steer your dinner party toward Japanese over Chinese, Pizza instead of Mexican. Salads might seem like an obvious choice, but fat-laden dressings and toppings can pack on the calories, so be sure to choose light dressings (on the side!), grilled chicken or fish protein and filling ingredients like beans and avocado. Opt for the plainest chicken or fish dish on the menu, avoid buttery sauces, and ask for extra broccoli or veggie medley instead of fries or a potato.