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Staying healthy on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the few days during the year where we toss all notions of diet and healthiness out the window to overindulge in delicious dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes and endless slices of pumpkin pie. But you don’t have to break out the expandable waist pants on Thanksgiving by swapping out a few calorie-laden dishes with healthier ones and changing a few Thanksgiving day habits.

Check out the infographic below for how you can make this Thanksgiving a healthier one.

Staying healthy on thanksgiving

Thanksgivings Healthier Food Options:
  • Skip turkey with gravy and opt for Dungeness crab.
  • Trade pumpkin pie for fresh fruit.
  • Eat a pita instead of biscuits.
  • Cook up some brown rice instead of stuffing.

To avoid eating too much at dinner try the following:

  • Have a pre-meal snack.
  • Exercise early and keep moving throughout the day. Don’t become a couch potato.
  • Take the opportunity to catch some extra zzz’s. Having enough sleep helps curb carb cravings.

And if you feel overly stuffed after Thanksgiving, make sure to contact Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Center to help deflate after your Thanksgiving celebrations.

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