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Senior Couple walking

Moderate walking for an average of 30 minutes a day can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes by 30 to 40% and the risk of breast cancer by 20 to 30%. And, it can also keep your mind sharp, fight off colds, rev up your energy levels, improve sleep, help you live longer and curb food cravings states The Harvard Nurses’ Health Study which has been tracking the health behaviors of more than 200,000 women for more than three decades.

So if walking is your exercise of choice, here are some great ways to get the most health benefits and calorie burn from your walk.

Turn up the Tunes.

Swap your cell phone for your iPod. Listening to music while you walk can help you maintain your speed while talking on your cell phone can make you more distracted and less prone to maintain a good pace.

Make Sure the Shoe Fits.

Workout related knee-pain and sore backs typically result from poor foot mechanics and insufficient support and cushioning from your shoes. Make sure you choose shoes that are designed for walking so that you have the proper cushioning.

Maintain Perfect Posture.

Correct posture enables you to increase your speed yielding bigger calorie burn. Plus, you provide your legs with more room to swing.

Walking Isn’t Just for Your Legs.

Don’t forget to swing your arms while you walk. Would you run with your arms against your side? Make sure you swing your arms as you walk and the more rapidly you swing your arms, the faster your legs will go.

Think Short & Quick.

Most people think the best way to pick up the pace is through long strides but contrary to popular belief the secret to speed is short quick steps. Keep your stride underneath you instead of behind you.

Eat Healthily.

To really get the most from your walk, make sure you adhere to a healthy diet before and after your walk. Not only will healthy food provide you with more natural energy but you will also be able to burn more fat when you are walking.

Walking is a great form of exercise that not only has amazing health benefits but is also a great exercise to help you lose weight. Even a 10-minute stroll burns calories and increases circulation.

While a healthy diet is the most effective way to help you get healthy and lose weight, walking is a great way to boost the health and weight loss results you are getting from eating healthy.