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is intermittent fasting for you

Most weight loss plans focus on eating multiple small meals with balanced amounts of nutrients every few hours. Although this approach is healthy and works for many people, there are still other options that could be a better fit for other people who want to lose weight. One of the benefits of getting a weight loss assessment in Orlando is that you can a customized diet that meets your specific needs. One option some dieters consider is intermittent fasting. Should fasting be part of your custom-designed weight loss program? Here are some signs that you could be a good candidate.

You Have a Busy Schedule.

Eating every two to three hours is not always easy when your schedule is packed. It requires a great deal of planning ahead and a lot of advanced food preparation. It can be particularly difficult if you travel frequently for work or have to attend social events for work on a regular basis. Your schedule makes it difficult to follow a more traditional diet plan.  Intermittent fasting could allow you to achieve weight loss while giving yourself additional flexibility to choose foods on days when you’re traveling, entertaining, or have other obligations that make a traditional plan hard to follow.

It Is Medically Safe for You.

Intermittent fasting is not appropriate for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, nursing mothers, or pregnant women. It is also not the right choice for people who are training for endurance sports, such as a marathon. You should never begin an intermittent fasting plan without a consultation. Your plan should be supervised by a medical weight loss clinic.

You Need a New Approach.

If you have tried other weight loss programs and either struggled to succeed or regained the weight you’ve lost, you may be psychologically ready for a new approach. Trying intermittent fasting could renew your commitment to losing weight and help you achieve your weight loss goals.