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how chris lost 100 lbs with calla slimspa medical weight loss center amazing weight loss transformation

When Chris started at Calla Slimspa, all she could think was “Am I going to fail this program too?” and now, 114 pounds lighter, Chris is proud to be a Calla Slimspa gal!

Serendipity brought Chris to Calla Slimspa. After running into a friend who looked amazing and was kind enough to share her Calla Slimspa experience with Chris, she decided to check out Calla’s medical weight loss program. Considering that she had tried every diet out there, except for the Grapefruit diet due to her disdain for grapefruits, Chris figured “why not.”

While Chris has lost weight before, Calla Slimspa’s program helped her drop 114 pounds and many inches in only 9 months.

We asked Chris the following questions about her weight loss journey with Calla Slimspa.

What Made Calla Slimspa Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

With Calla Slimspa, I did not feel deprived or boxed in – I had enough choices to make daily but not too many. I did the work and exercise and was rewarded with results week after week that were so motivating! I’m thrilled with the Calla Slimspa medical weight loss program and appreciate all the support and encouragement I received from the staff.

What Did You “Gain” by Losing the Weight?

Calla Slimspa is my final weight loss program and my only regret is that I didn’t find the program sooner. I like the way I look now but I also really like the way I feel. I have so much more energy. I am now addicted to the treadmill – in addition to walking – I now run on it (a new for me)! My husband and I even bought bicycles last year.

Calla Slimspa Client testimonial

Has the Weight Loss From Calla’s Program Helped Your Overall Health?

The health benefits have been huge! I no longer need reflux medicine, I reduced my blood pressure medications from three pills to one pill per day, my liver enzymes normalized, and the pressure in my eyes (my doctor was watching me for glaucoma) is now normal.

I am well aware that there is still work ahead but I feel I have a different set of tools in my toolbox now that I will use to continue my lifestyle change and stay at this size. There are too many delicious (in another way) benefits to being thin. I am proud to be a Calla girl!

The doctors and staff at Calla Slimspa couldn’t be more proud of Chris and her amazing weight loss transformation!

If you’re interested in learning how the Calla Slimspa medical weight loss program can help you achieve your weight loss goals, call us today at 407-644-7546.

Our medically supervised weight loss program utilizes real food, appetite suppressants, and healthy lifestyle changes to help you succeed in your weight loss endeavors.