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Holiday weight loss survival guide
Welcome to the season of mindless eating!

But you can still be successful with your weight loss efforts even as you attend smorgasbord after smorgasbord of calorie-laden platters.

“Nobody wants to just eat chicken and raw carrots at a holiday gathering, but at the same time, you don’t want to go over the deep end and eat anything and everything,” states Sue Ayersman, a clinical nutritionist with Phoenix-based cardiovascular consultants. “It’s about knowing what to eat and balancing pleasure and health.”

It’s about a holiday weight loss strategy that starts with setting realistic goals.

Don’t set ambitious and lofty weight loss goals over the holidays. Be realistic with your goals. You’ll do far better and be far more successful in the long run by setting attainable goals that you can achieve as opposed to lofty goals you just can’t seem to reach.

It takes an extra 500 calories a day or 3,500 a week to gain a pound. Keep these numbers in mind when making indulgent splurges. Keep a food journal to more accurately track your splurges. Food journals are a great resource when determining if you are staying on track or not. It’s extremely easy to forget that a handful of m&ms you had after lunch.

Not only will realistic goals help you lose weight but they will also keep you motivated because you can continue to successfully achieve them, unlike lofty goals, especially during the holidays.