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Variety of food items kept on a table
Ah, the holidays. Endless parties, mindless eating, and an almost certain expansion in your waistline.

Maintaining health goals is difficult during the holiday season. While it’s important that you take action to stick to your health goals, it’s okay if you make the occasional exception for a small indulgence.

Use the tips below to help you make smart decisions throughout the holidays.

  • Don’t Skip Meals. Sure it may seem logical to forgo lunch so you can leave more room for eggnog and cookies at the holiday party. However, it’s actually counterproductive. Starving yourself results in overeating and typically you are not opting for healthier food choices when you arrive at a party hungry.
  • Use Small Plates & Count Your Bites. Small plates limit your ability to stuff yourself with sweet treats. Pick the items you want the most and fill your plate once. Take mental notes of everything you eat to help you keep track of your indulgences.
  • Learn to Say “No. Don’t feel that you have to eat something because someone else wants you to. It’s better for you to sit with a little guilt than to overeat to please a loved one. It’s okay to turn down food or drinks.
  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up. It’s the holidays – do your best to stick to your health goals but don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon here and there. Make sure you don’t allow indulgences and breaks from the gym become a habit but do allow yourself a bit of leeway.

While it’s important to stick to your health goals and diet plan as much as possible throughout the holidays, we’re all bound to make a few exceptions. Just make sure these exceptions don’t become the new rule moving forward. Allow yourself some leeway throughout the holidays and make sure to plan your new year around getting back on track.

And if you’re concerned about indulging too much over the holidays and needing to shed some of your holiday weight gain, give Calla Slimspa Medical Weight Loss Center in Winter Park, Florida a call.

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