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holiday survival tips

It’s estimated that the average Thanksgiving “meal” contains 3,000 calories – more than most people should eat in an entire day. So how can you enjoy a tasty tradition without ending up in a calorie coma? (Healthy Holiday Eating Tips)

The holidays are once again upon us. But just because they’re here doesn’t mean we have to push all those healthy eating practices we’ve been implementing to the side. While we, of course, recommend that you continue adhering to your strict diet, we know you’ll probably stray a tad. Hard not to with all the delicious delicacies that litter our holiday tables. Even so, there’s no reason that you need to pack on the pounds this holiday season. You can indulge a little without going drastically overboard.

Try some of these tips to keep that holiday pound gains minimal at most.

  • Be realistic. Aim to maintain instead of losing if you plan on indulging.
  • Set aside time to exercise. Feel less guilty by ramping up your exercise habits. Encourage your friends and family to join you. Don’t sit around getting the turkey hangover, go for a walk or bike ride.
  • Don’t skip meals and eat small healthy snacks or drink a glass of water before attending a holiday party or dinner to cut back on overeating on unhealthy foods.
  • Stay away for calorie-laden beverages. Skip the soda, alcohol, and eggnog and opt for water or unsweet tea. It’s a great way to reduce your caloric intake.
  • If you do indulge or overeat, just make your next meal a healthy one. Just because you had a momentary weakness doesn’t mean your whole day has to be shot.
  • Take the focus off food. Instead of gathering around the table, move the festivities into the living room with board games or a Wii or Kinnect. Not only will these help you eat less but you can actually burn more calories.
  • Bring your own healthy dish to holiday parties. Like dessert? Then bring a Calla Pumpkin Cheesecake with fat-free whipped cream as a dessert. It’s just as decadent in taste as the others but far healthier for your waistline.
  • Maintain healthy eating habits during your normal work week so you can indulge more during those special festivities.
  • Don’t turn shopping sprees into eating sprees. Black Friday is quickly approaching and if you’re planning an all-night/day shopping spree, pack healthy snacks that you can munch on as you shop. Some great choices are carrots, celery, Calla Oopsie Rolls, or a lunch box with yogurt, apples or other types of fruit.
  • Use small plates or napkins. Keep overeating minimal by reducing the real-estate on your plate. Keep your plate sizes small so your portion sizes stay small.

You don’t have to dread the “inevitable” holiday weight gain. Practice healthy habits this holiday season and keep your gains minimal. And if you do find yourself over-indulging a bit too much, we’re here to help you create a new you in 2012.