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Woman doing exercise on the sea shore
Get your body beach body ready without the use of weight machines and free weights!

You’ve probably seen these bands lying around at your gym and may not be sure how they can help you achieve your weight loss and muscle toning goals. These elastic bands can firm and sculpt your muscles plus increase your strength just as well as weight machines and free weights.

According to Fitness RX, Spanish researchers found that resistance bands (also known as elastic bands) increased strength (upright rowing, squats, back extensions) as much as machine weight machines and free weights when the latter two were used in a combination.

One of the great benefits of using resistance bands overweight machines and free weights is that they are inexpensive, portable, can be taken and used almost anywhere (great for anyone who travels frequently) and provide a quality resistance exercise workout. Now, you don’t have to worry about your exercise routine or weight loss program getting sidetracked when you go on vacation. Just add a couple of resistance bands to your suitcase and you can continue working out while on the road.

Want an Easy-to-Do Resistance Band Workout?

Check out the videos below to learn how you can increase your strength just by using resistance bands. They’re so easy to use you can even workout while you’re at work on your lunch break or at home watching TV. There’s no excuse to not get a good workout in when you can utilize resistance bands.

How Resistance Bands Work

Upper Body Resistance Band Workout (Advanced)

10 Minute Beginner Bikini Body Resistance Band Training