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Before after photo of Doug

In March of 2010, Doug started his weight loss journey with Calla Slimspa at his highest weight ever, 281.2 lbs. And by July 27th, when he started the maintenance program, Doug was weighing in at 201.4 lbs. Just shy of a total of 80 lbs lost with Calla Slimspa’s medical weight loss program.

For years Doug had tried many different diet plans with his weight always yo-yo’ ing as a result. Each diet plan always provided him with short-term results but the long-term was always a struggle. As Doug says, “I’d gain it, I’d lose it, I’d gain a little more than the last time, I’d lose it. I never got anywhere close to 280 before so the ‘sticker shock’ of seeing that on the scale was enough to make me change my eating habits/lifestyle.”

Below are Doug’s Calla Slimspa review and success story.

What Made Calla Slimspa Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

Accountability and consultation. The weekly appointment really encourages you to stay on the plan and not have the little slip-ups or “meals off” that find their way in otherwise. In addition, having a trained professional explain to you (on whatever technical level you’d like) how you can succeed long term and maintain your weight loss.

What Did You “gain” by Losing the Weight?

First off, my energy levels have never been better. I’m rarely tired and am getting so much more done in a day. It used to be that when I’d gotten off work I was just too exhausted to do anything else but go through the motions. I’m infinitely more active, running again and thinking about entering the Baldwin Park mini-triathlon this year.

Did the Calla Slimspa Diet Fit Easily Into Your Daily Life?

Yes and no. My job requires me to visit various clients quite a lot, and when I’m not at a client’s, I telecommute from home. When I’m home, this diet is very easy to adhere to. The challenge is to not have to cook two different meals (one for yourself and one for the rest of the family). I found that I could prepare healthy meals for the family-based on my requirements. I’d simply stick to the plan and then add additional items to fill out the rest of my family’s plates. There was a bit of a beneficial collateral effect as my wife ended up feeling better by eating a more “lean and green” diet. When I’m at a client’s, the plan becomes more challenging. Some restaurants are flexible and can give you exactly what you need (without using butter, etc.) but corporate cafeterias, etc. cannot. So there were some days when I struggled to find a plan safe alternative.

What Did You Think of the Staff and Medical Supervision Provided at Calla Slimspa?

I really enjoy my weekly visits to Calla Slimspa! I’ve become friends with many members of the staff and really felt that the doctors were engaging and supportive (and willing to listen patiently to questions they have likely heard hundreds of times).

doug quote

Congratulations to Doug and his phenomenal success with the Calla Slimspa medical weight loss plan . The doctors and staff at Calla Slimspa couldn’t be more proud of Doug and his amazing weight loss transformation.

If you’re interested in learning how the Calla Slimspa medical weight loss program can help you achieve your weight loss goals, call us today at 407-644-7546.

Our medically supervised weight loss program utilizes real food, appetite suppressants, and healthy lifestyle changes to help you succeed in your weight loss endeavors.