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Young man tying shoe lace
Research shows that 50% of the people who start a workout program drop out within 6 months.
Typically, it is a result of starting the workout regimen for the wrong reasons such as starting the program for any other reason except that you want to feel good.

So, How Do You Ensure You Don’t Fall off the Workout Wagon?
  1. Focus on doing things that you want to do, not things you believe you should do.
  2. Take charge of your fitness decisions. Start by asking yourself why you want to exercise at all. You’ll be more successful if the end result means something to you.
  3. Equate exercise with fun. If you believe working out is a chore, you’re more likely to abandon it. If you can’t equate it with fun, set a goal that will help you stay motivated.
  4. Give yourself props for progress. Negativity evaporates motivation. Stay positive and pat yourself on the back for every ounce of progress.
  5. Don’t let your workout become stale. If you’ve mastered running for 10 minutes, make a goal to hit 15. If you can maintain the plank position for 1 minute, aim for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Keep pushing yourself to go further. Get out of your comfort zone.
  6. Make your workout social. There’s a reason you enjoy going to happy hour every week and it’s not only for the beer. Find a like-minded workout buddy. Not only will they make your workouts more enjoyable but they’ll help motivate you to keep going, even on days when you don’t feel motivated.

Tweak your workout perspective to make sure you stick with it, beat the odds and see even better results with your weight loss efforts.

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Partial content from Women’s Health, Stay Motivated.