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diseases affected by your weight

There are diseases affected by your weight. Your weight can affect a lot of things in relation to your health. As your weight increases, so does your risk for a lot of health issues and concerns.

Below are some health issues that your weight affects.

  • High Blood Pressure – 50% of cases due to overweight or obese
  • Diabetes – overweight increases the risk of developing diabetes by 80%
  • Cancer – overweight & obese are 50% more likely to develop cancer
  • Metabolic Syndrome – overweight makes it 6 times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome. It now affects 25% of the population.
  • Joint Problems – being only 10 pounds overweight increases the force on the knees by 30 to 60 pounds per step.
  • Sleep Apnea – 70% that have this condition are overweight. It now affects around 18 million Americans.
  • High Cholesterol – estimates show that 10 pounds of excess fat produce 10 mg of cholesterol daily.
  • Premature Death – obese people are twice as likely to die early than people of normal weight.

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