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reasons to be fit

There are plenty of great reasons to be fit. Not only will you look and feel great but you’ll be doing your body a favor by significantly reducing your body’s risk to diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a plethora of other health ailments.

According to WebMD, here are some fantastic reasons to be fit and lose weight:
Research shows the following health benefits for weight loss:

In addition to these reasons, Calla Slimspa wants to know your reasons for wanting to be fit?

Are you looking to boost your confidence? Reduce your risk of diabetes? Feel younger? Love the way you look in the mirror? Fit into those skinny jeans? Make all your friends jealous? What are your reasons? Share your reason in a comment. We’d love to know what motivates you!

We want to be fit so we can feel better, look younger, be stronger and gain confidence in our abilities as we lose weight!

For more great reasons, check out Reasons To Be Fit on Tumblr.

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