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Success story of Ken

After some failed attempts with diet programs that were not sustainable in the long run, Ken finally found true long-term thin, healthy success with the Calla Slimspa diet program and is now able to enjoy playing with his grandchildren. Between January and May of 2011, Ken transformed not only the way he looks but the way he is able to live his life by losing 40 pounds.

Below are Ken’s Calla Slimspa review and his weight loss success story.

What Made Calla Slimspa Different From Other Weight Loss Programs in Orlando?

Calla Slimspa is a teaching center where you receive proper evaluation and have goals set with a physician. You have a team of cheerleaders to keep you encouraged and help you maintain realistic expectations. The “Zone” lifestyle is very helpful, forgiving and easily kept. The maintenance is so easy as your food choices are pretty open and you never go hungry.

What Did You “Gain” by Losing the Weight?

I gained freedom from 4 prescription medications and that was my main motivation for entering the program. I feel better, my tennis has improved, I am faster on my bicycle, and I run again with less pain. Best of all, I can play better with my grandchildren. I sleep better and my cervical stenosis is virtually a thing of the past. I can’t say enough! I have also broken a dead-end habit of drinking – I still have a drink but have limited the frequency and the quantity.

I have much more energy now. I was always active so performance and stamina have improved. I did a quick 35-mile bike ride recently; before I would have needed a nap afterward. My next adventure to tackle: skiing.

Did the Calla Slimspa Diet Fit Easily Into Your Daily Life?

The weight loss phase was pretty easy to follow. I had to say “no” to myself a few times but once I began to see the results it became much easier. Day to day is simple. Learning to navigate restaurant food can be a challenge; however, the program really does a great job of teaching you how to eat in a restaurant situation.

What Did You Think of the Staff and Medical Supervision Provided at Calla Slimspa?

I never had an unpleasant encounter. I found everyone to be teachers and cheerleaders. Dr. Gil challenged me with the weight that she felt I could stand to lose and she was correct in her assessment, even maybe a little conservative. Because of my medications, I would not have been as comfortable without medical supervision.

Congratulations on your weight loss success and successful recent skiing trip Ken!