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Man and women lift weights to lose weight

Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can Get a Slimmer Body by Hitting the Weight Room.

Strength training not only gives you an edge over belly fat, stress, heart disease, and cancer but also on slimming down. Don’t shun the weight room because you’re scared of bulking up instead of slimming down.

Below Are Some Great Reasons to Indulge in Strength Training a Few Times a Week.
  • You’ll Blast Belly Fat. Strength training builds and protects muscle. While on a diet, most of us shun lifting weights because we’re afraid the scale will go up instead of down. Lifting weights help you burn more fat while maintaining muscle.
  • You’ll Burn More Calories. Most of us live a pretty sedentary life these days and one advantage of more muscle is more calories burned while you are parked on the couch. Additionally, lifting provides you with a better burn during exercise too. Now you can burn more by doing less.
  • You’ll Get Into Shape Faster. By utilizing circuit training, you can strengthen muscles and get cardiovascular benefits similar to those of aerobic exercise. With this method, you’ll save time without sacrificing results.
  • You’ll Be Happier. Researchers discovered that people who completed three weight workouts per week for six months drastically improved their scores on measures of anger and overall mood.

In order to get the advantages of weight lifting, you don’t have to develop a bodybuilder lifting schedule. Even lightweight workouts can significantly improve your life, health and overall weight loss efforts.

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Partial content courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine, Lose Your Fear of Lifting.