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Probiotic Blend
Research now concludes that consuming probiotic supplements each day has a more positive influence on your health than a daily multivitamin. In addition, studies also conclude that using a probiotic supplement results in greater weight loss when compared to non-probiotic users.

The weight loss associated with probiotic supplementation is a direct result of probiotics ability to decrease sugar cravings. The decrease craving for sugar essentially starves harmful bacteria, parasites, and yeast; all of which thrive when sugar is present. Probiotic supplements provide between 10 and 250 billion live culture units of helpful bacteria per serving. Supplementing with probiotics has demonstrated a significant decrease in sugar cravings in as little as four days!

Severe sugar cravings may be an indication of a probiotic deficiency. Address this deficiency by supplementing your diet with a high-quality probiotic supplement such as MD Probiotic Blend at Calla Slimspa.