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Studies published January 3, 2017 report that scientists have shown in mice that excess pounds can simply be melted away by converting unwanted white fat cells into energy-consuming brown slimming cells. They show why the inflammatory responses that often occur in overweight people block this kind of fat cell conversion.

Brown fat cells possess an extremely high number of mitochondria — these cell power stations “burn” white fat by converting it into thermal energy. The result: If the number of brown cells increases, the mice significantly lose weight. The conversion to these fat-burning brown cells comes to a standstill in abdominal fat. They gave mice a high-calorie diet and examined the changes in the animals’ fat tissue. While hardly any inflammation occurred in the subcutaneous fat of obese mice and conversion to brown fat cells was largely intact, things were very different for the deeper-lying abdominal fat: through the significant weight increase, the inflammation had spread and the brown fat turbocharger largely came to a standstill.

This Uncovered Two Very Important Facts:
  1. Abdominal fat is considered much more dangerous than subcutaneous fat because it triggers inflammation and can promote cardiovascular diseases, for instance.
  2. Abdominal fat is also where conversion of white fat to brown fat, which is important for fat-burning, was largely blocked.

Using human subcutaneous and abdominal fat samples, scientists in Stockholm (Sweden) found similar changes occur in the human organism, just as in the mice study above. One possible conclusion from these studies in combating obesity could be to inhibit the inflammatory response in abdominal fat by treating with potent anti-inflammatory agents. One such agent is Omega 3 Fish Oil.

We recommend our Omega MD Capsules to all patients because of its many benefits – including reduction of inflammation due to obesity and abdominal fat.